Saturday 11 July 2015

Meeting of Kick Samplers on the Irwell at Burrs in Bury 11 Jul 15

It was decided that it was about time we had meeting to see how things were going. It was good to see some people that I had not seen for quite some time and some I had not met before.
 The car park at Burrs Country Park as we moved up to the river.
 Straight in the river and getting samples.

 This one from the far side .
 First couple of people asking what we were doing.
This one from the near bank.
 Soon had passers by coming for a look at what we had got.
Not surprisingly they were amazed at what we got from under the stones in the river.

 This little beauty did us proud and hatched out whilst it was in the sample tray. First time I have actually seen one do it.

A good number of insects in both sample but yet different results. The far bank sample produced a large numbers from a area of larger rocks. Whilst the near sample, from a gravelly bed, there was less in number and they were not as varied in species.
There was a large numbers of Minnows and also lots of these fry, of what type fish we did not know, hopefully trout 

What ever they are it is a good sign that there are lots of them.

Interesting afternoon and good to hear that we are all doing much the same thing still some 3 years after training, although I did find that I did some things different from some of the others. Not that it changed the results.

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