Friday 31 July 2015

Irwell Ewood Bridge 31 Jul 15

Went a day early to do my kick sample, the insect count was a bit low on the Olives but up on the Cased Caddis. the river was still pretty low.

As always I had a fish, I also took lots of photos of the invasive weeds by the river for the Plant Tracker web site. No Giant Hogweed but loads of Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed.

Up from the bridge where last time I caught fish there seemed to be nothing at all, where they go and why I do not understand.
My first fish was very pleasing, I think it was the same fish that I caught last month from just under the bushes on the right of the picture.
   What pleased me was that, last time I dropped it back in the river as I tried to take it's photo, I made no mistake this time and waded to the bank with it in the net.

Not massive but a good fish from an awkward place. Blue Winged Olive did the trick.

This pool has a fast current and does not look like much, some times it fishes well and sometimes not. It depends how much of the bank has slipped into the river in the last few days, or so I think. Today was a good one.

 Three nice fish still on the BWO.

I moved on up to the next pool which had fish rising, I had not seen a rise until then.

The top end always fishes the best and today was no exception.
This was the best one.

Moved up above the weir fish rising again, got a couple to have a look but I could not get one on the hook, never mind sometimes your lucky sometimes your not.

I was happy with my day so started back down taking more photos of the invasive weeds,
 it's a never ending task I just hope that something will get done about controlling then some day.


Lots and lots of Himalayan Balsam it crowds out all the other plants and then dies off in the winter leaving no roots. The winter rains then wash the unprotected soil away.

The other problem up here and much farther down the river is Japanese Knot weed.

At least it tends to help the banks to stay firm, but once it takes over you need a machete to get through it. 

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