Saturday 2 August 2014

River Douglas in the Rain 2 Aug 14

Well the rain is here with a vengeance, over night and for most of today. I checked the river levels and was surprised to find then lower than I expected but with the rain that was falling this morning I knew that they would not be going down any time soon.

I wanted to fish the Douglas which is some way away so decided to look at Eagley Brook on the way and found it running clear. Carried on to the higher Douglas and it look OK so I went to my normal spot much further down river.

 The water is well up on last time but, I could see the weed on the bottom so I fished, nymph of course. My main problem was getting to the water, the bank side growth of Balsam, Nettles and brambles was a solid barrier and in places six feet in height.
It was so thick above the foot bridge I could not get in to fish so I had to go down stream. I caught a small brown in the pool above which turned out to be my only fish.

 Not much chance of getting in here.
     The weed in lots of places makes fishing anything except dry fly almost impossible. 
 The Balsam.
 The Balsam.
The Balsam everywhere.
 I did mention the rain didn't I.

I have been asking for the rain for several weeks can't really complain now that it has arrived.

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