Saturday 9 August 2014

River Douglas 9 Aug 14 Two

Didn't take me long to arrived at my usual stretch with the same hope as at the previous one.

A couple of fish were rising so I started with a blue winged olive, nothing doing. Put on a greenwells glory.

 Took a while and more than a few snags in the balsam, it was very windy, before I caught this one. 
Good fish near fourteen inches.

This one came ten minutes later again to a greenwells.

Quite some time before the next and last one.

 The under water camera work is getting better.

The weed that was threatening to strangle the river is dying back so there is more open water and the silt that the weed was holding is beginning to wash away. I was worried that there would be no gravel for the fish to spawn on this winter.

Very pleased with the end results of the day turned into my best day for over a week.  

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