Sunday 8 September 2013

Bury Ground Sunday 8 Sept 13

Lots of rain Friday and the river still up Saturday so didn't fish.
Today after the Grand Prix went to Bury Ground still some colour but fishable,  fish rising as I set up.

Went up to the weir, below which I cross the river, and started down fishing nymph. nothing rising and nothing taking the nymph. Changed to Adams dry fly, started back up, nothing at first then saw fish rising by overhanging trees. The Adams had no takers so tried a Iron Blue dun, same as. Grenwells did the trick but only once, the fish below was my only take.
  Lots of black clouds over head and rain starting so moved back to the car just in time to miss the heavy rain.
 More rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow,will just have to wait and see if its OK to fish.

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