Thursday 5 September 2013

River Roach 5 Sept 13

Seems to be quite a while since I fished at Gigg on the Roch, for that matter anywhere on the Roch.
River is quite low but still plenty of water and looking good, even thought the brown alga has carpeted most of the bed again. The forecast is for some heavy rain over the next couple of days so that should shift most of it.
I had decided to fish up stream dry fly to start with. Tackled up my 8 foot 6 weight and tied on a Blue Dun. Nothing rising as I walked down from the car park, but it was getting warmer and the sun kept coming out. Still nothing showing so I had a sit and waited to see what happened.

 A fish rose by the cliff on the far bank so off I went. He kept rising but not to my Blue Dun, so I change to a Coachman. Not even a look so tried a Blue winged Olive, same result.
Gave him 5 minutes and tied on a size 16 Adams, third cast he took. Nice fish about 12 inches.
 Thought I would try to photograph him whilst still in the water, don't think I will do it again. Unhook in the water intending to pick him up and take another picture, no such luck he was away in a flash.

Waded up to the next pool and cast at another rise, had a take but snapped off on the strike. Could have been a big fish or a bad knot.
Had another fish just a bit bigger than the one above then I got into this 18 inch beauty, still with a size 16 Adams.
Not he biggest that I have had on the Roch but not far off. With a 2 pound tippet I had to let him do what he liked for quite some time before I got him in the net. Not many spots on his sides but still a lovely looking fish. I just hope he will still be in the river next year for me to catch at over 20 inches.

I decided that next one I hooked I would photograph under water with my new water proof camera, here are the results.

I think I will have to have plenty of practice at this or maybe give it up as a bad job.
The fish was a lot better than the photos.

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