Friday 5 June 2015

Bad Day Then Good Day 5 June 15

Yesterday fished the Irwell at Bury, I say fished but after 3 hours of nothing.
 Looks OK but nothing moving. 

 I moved on to the Roch at Gigg, couple of hours there with the same result. Both rivers looked good, the weather was very bright and sunny and with both rivers running clear and fast perhaps they saw me coming. Not pleased to find that the Gigg parking space had been fly tipped again.

  This looked like house rubbish at the top of the bank, down by the river there was 4 bags of what I think is cannabis plants and there root zone. I emptied the soil out of the bags and put the black bags with the other rubbish.

Today I fished Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers lower beat and a little of the cricket club stretch.
Much better results.

7 foot 3 weight with a Iron Blue Dun, walked down to the very bottom of the beat by the sewer pipe.

 and overflow, bit smelly down here.
 Looks OK if you don't look at the pipe.
Nothing doing until I changed to a Blue Winged Olive.
Then they came thick and fast.
Nothing very big.
But very welcome after yesterday.
 One of the best pools had a little boy throwing stones and a dog, had to wait until they left but still caught the one below in the pool.
Not as bright as yesterday, in fact it looked like rain for a while and got quite cold.
It gets a bit prettier when you move up stream

 This didn't work to well, looks quite gross.

 This run produced a surprising number of fish.
Looking back this did not.

Couple from here, expected more.

 Best fish of the day over 12 inches, a good fish for Bradshaw.
 Moved up to the cricket club from here and caught a couple more small ones.

I will not be trying to take photos of fish in the water again, it does not make them look very pleasant or give any idea of size. Last 2 caught on a Grenwells.

More dogs and walkers back home for tea.

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