Wednesday 31 July 2013

Kick Sampling at Ewood Bridge 31 Jul 13

Wednesday:   Went to Ewood Bridge and did my monthly kick sample, insect numbers down on last month, probably due to recent thunder storms. The Irwell had been up as much as three feet during the last couple of days, but was down to more normal levels today. It could be back up with the rain that we have had this afternoon.

Fished until the rain came in pretty heavy, eight browns all 9 to 11 inches caught on Copper Johns and  Pheasant tail nymphs. Had far more takes than fish, could be the water was coloured and I was fishing the fast water, or it could be that I had a clumsy day.

The brown alga, that I have been complaining about, has now been swept away by the high water and the river is looking and fishing more like I am used to, more rain is forecast for tonight and the weekend which will not do any harm.
 I am having a small operation to my left hand this Friday, I am left handed, so no fishing or driving for a few days or maybe a week.

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