Monday 8 July 2013

Week Ending 14 July 13

Monday:   8 July 2200hrs. Just got back from the Douglas.
Started with an Iron Blue Dun Dry.  First fish was a Chub, about 3/4 of a pound then had 12 inch brown
 I had walked to the top end of the stretch as fishing dry fly is not really an option unless you wade, the grass on the banks is about five feet high.

Changed to a gold head pheasant tail  nymph and started down stream. Just thigh waders, to hot for chest.
Caught six more browns all 11 or 12 inches, except one small one the had me tangled in the weed  for about five minutes, I got it out of one lot only for it to get straight into some more, of course they only do it in the deep bits.

The last fish I hooked got off when I got caught on some ones line that had been left in the river, I pulled out about twenty foot, including weights and the hook before it broke, it must have been at least twenty pound line. Why do they use line that strong in a river that can't have fish over about three or four pounds.

Tuesday:   Went to Ladyshore, as always it looked fine. not a sniff. I think I will give it up as a bad job.
I only fished nymph as nothing was rising.The only good thing was that I stayed cool, well cooler, I waded with just a pair of trainers on, at least my legs and feet felt good.

Wednesday:   Irwell at Summerseat, one fish couple of takes nothing else. River very low, brown algae building up in river again, we need rain.

Thursday:   Springwater Park, one fish on Czech nymph, moved to Gigg. Looked better but nothing moving.

I think I will wait until we get some rain, may have to wait some time as the forecast ids for sun sun sun.

Friday:   . Sorted my fly boxes and debarbed some new flies that arrived from in Lancaster. I've used them for a while now, quick delivery and good reasonably priced flies and anything else you could need.
Had intended to go out this evening but it did not cool down much so no fishing at all.

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