Sunday 24 May 2015

River Douglas 24 May 15

Very little rain overnight, the Irwell needed more. That meant I could fish the Douglas, which would  become unfishable , due to the high banks and fast deep water, if there had been heavy  rain overnight. 

The day started cold with a blustery wind, which makes the Douglas doubly awkward  to fish.
 Fished a 7 foot rod and started with a Peasant Tail Nymph down stream. 
 Still hard work with the wind and the amount of Starwort, did not expect there to be as much as there was at this time of the year.  

Had the odd snatch but no fish, changed to a Hares ear nymph same result.
Change to dry fly, Greenwell's, and started back up. The wind was mostly up stream, which did not help the back cast and caused a few tangles and hooks in the back of my jacket. Fish rising to what I could not see. Several fish coming to my fly but not taking it.
Change to a BWO and caught the one below.
Very nice fish for the Douglas, in my opinion, more colour than the Irwell trout. 
The bank side growth is quite low as yet as the Himalayan Balsam is only just starting to grow.
Still had to do my fishing  in the water to try to get some relief from the wind
Caught an 9 inch one here, tried to take it's photo one handed, didn't work. Hooked and lost a couple of  others here.

Moved farther up and managed to get a few more takes but could not get anything to stay on the hook in the shallow water. As soon as I lifted they came out of the water and came off the hook. 

Still cold, especially in the water, and the wind was getting no better, home to watch the Grand Prix and warm up.

Snagged  my chest waders, near the backside, on barbed wire. Two small puncher's fixed with with Aqua Sure, great stuff highly recommended. Remembered to do the repair on the inside this time looks much better than on the outside.   

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