Saturday 23 May 2015

Irwell Bury 23 May 15

After big fish here two days ago, back for more.

No rain to speak off so the river is going down day by day, tonight and early tomorrow rain is forecast so it could be coming back up, which will be welcome. 

Fished eight foot rod with a dry Iron Blue Dun.
 Started down here which is lower down than I have caught fish before, saw a fish rise so in I went. 
Not that big but pleased to get into a fish early on.
 Hooked and lost another before moving up.
Not a lot of water here I could walk across without getting too wet. 
Another smallish one with the dun still in it's mouth, the slow shallow water meant one caught the rest down.
 Bit deeper here but no fish.
Took the next fish in the pool above the fast water.
 15 inches and fat as a pig, very pleased with my self.
Fish rising here a couple came to the fly but I missed them.
Missed a couple here as well, not too pleased with myself. 

Moved down river to more rising fish but not to my fly so changed to a nymph, copper john. No fish. Changed to a pheasant tail same result. Had a Adams dry in my nymph box so put it on.
Result at last.
and then another.

Missed more than I caught today which is not very different from the norm. 
It was overcast to begin with and then became very bright and sunny, which does not help with the shallow clear water, not complaining it's good to be warm for a change. 

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