Wednesday 18 March 2015

River Tonge 18 Mar 15

Frost over night but a sunny and quite warm day, could it be that spring is starting to spring.

The River Tonge was today's choice, close to home and usually good for a few fish, but not today. 
7 foot 3 weight rod with an Iron Blue Dun, worked yesterday  so it gets another chance.
With the sun out there were a few flies on the water but nothing rising to take them, just cast to likely spots.

 These two stretches are usually good for a fish or two but not today.
Moved up stream to here usually a fish just short of the bridge and so it turned out.
Quite a good fish for this area of the Tonge and by far the best fish I have caught in that spot.

Farther up stream there is an old mill lodge by the river where I found a chap pumping water from it into the river. He told me he and a few friends had got the rights to fish it and they were getting the level down so they could clear the rubbish and excess weed. They had already cleared the banks of rubbish and cut back the undergrowth, hope it goes well for them.
Oh by the way no more fish. 

Keep the rod up and stopped at Bradshaw Brook on the way home and had a couple of casts and was lucky enough to get this one.
That's just just a bit of leaf on it's side nothing nasty.

I might not be catching many but it's good to be out and the fishing is bound to improve as the weather warms. 
Well I certainly hope so.

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