Tuesday 24 March 2015

Bradshaw Brook 24 Mar 15

I intended to fish the River Roch in Bury, when I got there the weather was awful, rain, hail and sign of more to come. Thought I would be better off going to the pictures, headed back to Bolton where I found sunshine and Bradshaw Brook at Thicketford Bridge. 

Fished up river of the bridge, did get a couple of hail showers but no fish. Flies coming off the brook and a couple of fish taking them.
 Fly tipping is and has been a problem, the road is only a couple of yards from the top of the bank.
The town dump would have been quite happy to take this TV, I had forgotten how heavy they used to be. I moved this one out of the brook which wasn't easy.
More debris up stream but this time woody debris which is good cover for the smaller fish. Just above this, in a backwater there was a large amount of frog spawn, some was nearly dried out so moved what I could to deeper water, tadpoles are good food for trout, and I like frogs as well.

Moved down below the bridge and had a go with a nymph. 

  Hooked and lost one here, persevered and hooked and landed one, not very big but not a blank. 


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