Tuesday 23 September 2014

The Irwell Ladyshore 22 Sept 14

The Irwell is very low but as Ladyshore is after the Roch comes in there is usually a fair bit of water and so it proved.
Fished the weir and up with 2 spiders, nothing doing. Sat for a bit whilst i thought about a change, then tried a Copper John nymph fished across and down, same result.

Changed to a Hares ear  nymph, then saw a rise on the flat before the long riffle down to the weir. Cast all around it with no result, then another rise 10 yards down, cast above it and got a very solid take, had it hooked for all of 3 seconds.

Moved down the riffle not hoping for much, when another take which did not stay on for as long as the first one.    

I just watched the video on the blog, not very good, will try to do better.

Had a sit and a chat then went down below the weir towards what used to be a foot bridge.

No joy there, or from the weeded area below.
I have never seen as much weed as this before, should be a good sign for the young trout.
Another dry net and only 8 fishing days left.

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