Wednesday 1 October 2014

Leeds Liverpool Canal Adlington to Chorley 1 Oct 14

Trout season has finished and I am back to walking,

Weather forecast good no rain just cloudy and warm. Took the bus to Adlington walked down towards the rail station and then Park Road which is opposite the White Bear public house, and leads to the canal at bridge 69 by The Bridge public house.
 Walked down the path and under the bridge.
 To be met by a plethora of canal boats. 
 and a family of swans.
I had expected the walk to be through mostly country side, turned out that it was boats, boats, boats.

 and more boats. 
 Quite a lot look as though they have not moved for some time.

 At last the end of the boats.
Over 20 minutes walking to get to a clear canal.
 But not for long, more boats under the bridge.

 A boat on the move how nice to see.
  Who puts up these stupid signs, Lancashire starts were Cheshire finishes not here near Chorley.

 A Grey Heron waiting for his lunch.

A group of ladies having a day out.
Just before I got to Botany Bay and started to walk into Chorley.

Had not gone far when I saw a sign for Rivington, followed it expecting to be taken to the main road back to Horwich. Did not happen just kept walking and ended up back in Horwich a hour later where I caught the bus back to Bolton and then home, 

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