Thursday 23 October 2014

Salford Friendly Meeting 22 Oct 14

   Went to the meeting at the Kings Head in Salford, as usual good turnout and lots of points raised as how to improve the river.

   As a trout man my wants are not always the same as the course fishers but there are lots of improvements that would benefit everybody.

   I was pleased that we had Ian Hayes, a fisheries officer from the Environment Agency, at the meeting taking notes and making comments on what we thought needed to be done in the short and long term by the EA.

   Pollution as always was a major topic along with weirs and there removal.

   Improving habitat for different kinds of fish with the introduction weed, bank cover and woody debris was seen as a major factor for all types of fish.

  Electro Fishing training of members by the EA was muted so that some idea of what fish were in different stretches of the river and then possibly moving fish within the river.

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