Friday 19 September 2014

RiverTonge 19 Sept 14

The River Tonge the valley Bolton.
 Walled, Industrialized, small weirs and some bigger ones.  
 Most the old industries have gone but plenty new ones  along the river. 
 Belmont Bakery Machinery on the right.
A Grey Heron after trout, hope he did better than I did.
 Giant Hog Weed, Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knot Weed abound and TATA Steel in the background. 
 Bit short of water but not as low as I expected.
  Fish rising just passed the tree didn't catch them.
This on on dry fly above the footbridge.
Fish came from here.

 Down river from road bridge
Up from the same bridge, bigger weir in the distance, old sewer pipe in the foreground.

 Looking down to the weir.
 Another footbridge in the distance.
Not very pretty, with a block of flats in the background.   
A larger weir next to the flats.

I am sure you guessed that I did not catch much, never mind I enjoyed the walk.  

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