Sunday 2 June 2013

Kick Sampling 1 June 13

Been fishing  ever day this week, trying places that I haven't been to for a while. Some good some not so.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I fished at Ladyshore for part of each day. On Wednesday I got busted off twice and never landed anything. So on Thursday went back with a stronger leader and got bust once again. I don't like leaving flies in fish.

Friday returned with 8 pound tippet, of course never got a touch. That's life. Will be back there later next week.

Saturday is my day to Kick Sample at Ewood Bridge. I expected the insect count to be up on last month but it wasn't. The river is running low and has lots of brown algae over the bed, maybe that is the problem.
Fished up river from the sample spot had five brownies to 11 inches on dry fly, pleasant day with plenty of sun for a change.

Sunday. Thought I would try Kearsley below the weir, cold wind and not much sun and no fish. I can't understand why I don't catch fish there. It looks good plenty of water, an island for some variation in the flow. So why no fish?
Last year I caught two fish, or maybe the same fish twice, just below the weir and that was it. Well if we understood what it was all about we probably wouldn't fish at all.

Gave up on Kearsley and went  to Sion St Radcliffe had a good fish on a Copper John Nymph and then home for tea. Grilled Salmon and a baked potato, my lady wife has gone to see CLIFF RICHARDS, yuch, in Manchester thank God she didn't want me to go. Now I can watch the football in peace( England v Brasil for my none UK followers).  

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