Sunday 26 May 2013

Wild Trout Trust "Urban Conclave" 24 to 26 May 13

I have just spent Saturday and Sunday at the above. What is it?  Well the Wild Trout Trust bring together people who are improving there rivers or who are trying to begin to do so.

A very interesting weekend that showed me that the problem of cleaning up dirty rivers is widespread and diverse. From the rivers of the mining valleys of South Wales, the underground streams of Bradford and even a chalk stream near Newbury. Also closer to home the higher Ribble valley and the river Douglas near Wigan. Good, or is it bad, to know that we are not on our own with our problems on the Irwell .

After the above I had a quick hour on the Roach, one or two rising, netted a 15 inch brown. Also saw lots of fry in the river which must be a good sign for the future, no matter what they grow into.

I can not finish without mentioning the weather, good for a change, two days of sunshine and higher temperatures, the two best days of the year so far, lets hope we get plenty more, with rain in the night to keep the river good and clear.
   Thought he was much bigger, the way he fought, but still, a fish in  great conditioned and very pleased to net him.

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