Thursday 23 May 2013

Ladyshore Little Lever 23 May 13

Have fished here since I last wrote about this spot, but have failed to catch.

Thought it was time to give it one last try.

Two Swans on the canal still have the ten young, getting quite big now and looking very healthy.

Started up river fishing Copper John nymph, it was very cold and nothing rising, not a touch until I got to where the weir had been.

Was in two minds to pack in and try somewhere else, thought couple of casts over the remains of the weir.

Third cast a fish took and went off like a rocket, after most of my fly line was off the reel I panicked and tried to slow him down Yes, snapped me off, will I ever learn, no I don't think so.

Good time to leave? Thought just have another couple of casts and then go.

Copper John again and I did get another one, sixteen inches, pleased me but I would rather have landed his big brother.

Went to the River Croal at the top of Moses Gate Park tried to find somewhere to fish, very over grown and the bank is too steep. So went up river to Darcy Lever where Bradshaw and Eagley Brooks meet, not a lot of water. Had three small ones and that was it.


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