Sunday 9 June 2013

Week Ending Sunday 9 June 13

Strange week for fishing mostly warm to very warm no rain. At least I  got a good tan, if only to my face and arms.

Mid week tried the Roach near Bury caught 2 good browns but lost a very fine fish at the net. Had him on for over 25 minutes, mostly he just sat on the bottom and I could not move him. I waded up behind him to get him to move which he did, but just farther down river. In the end I had him half in the net when he flipped over went behind me and was gone.
I keep telling myself that I didn't rush him, but perhaps I did.
Trouble is that, I don't want to over play and stress the fish to much, it's a fine balance that I don't seem to have got right at the moment.  

I was using my large net which is 21 inches long and he was quite a bit longer than it. I was in shock and just went back to the car and off home. Was using my 9 foot Masterline carbon with a Shakespeare multiplier (made by JW Young) and a Greenwells Glory dry fly.

Friday tried Ladyshore, after the one that keeps braking me off, no luck.

Today fished the lower beat of Bradshaw Fly Fishers stretch bottom end, 3 boys playing in the stream, left them to it. Moved up to the bend with the sunken trees, took 3 small browns on a dry brown midge.
Had a few takes moving up to the road bridge, but only managed to get 1 to net.. Had 2 better fish under the bridge, still under 8 inches. Used my 6' 6" three weight carbon with a JW Youngs 3 inch Beaudex.

Decided to have a look at Eagley Brook in the Valley, only been there once this season. More water than I expected, but it looked oily and slow, still had a few takes and netted three small browns and had a chat with a couple of watchers. People are still surprised to see someone fly fishing, as long as it stays that way I have it pretty much to myself around here.

I do like Youngs old metal reels, although I do have some of their later composite reels 1400/1500 series, like the Shakespeare multiplier I used on Wednesday.

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