Monday 22 April 2013

The Irwell at Nob End 21April13

Well I couldn't wait until later in the week to try the the stretch down by the aqueduct. Took some getting down to the bank, over a gate and a fence, careful not to catch my chest waders.

It didn't  fish as well as I had hoped, or maybe I didn't fish it well. Anyway caught one smallish trout on a nymph. Cold up stream wind and some rain, decided me to leave, time I got to the car it was looking a lot better. So went to lower Radcliffe and had a try there.

When I arrived there, a man and women were "fishing with magnets on long ropes" the fellow said he had seen it on TV, they didn't catch anything while I was there. Didn't surprise me, what can you get but old iron?

There were fish rising below the weir, couldn't see to what for the foam. tried nymph and a dry coachman, nothing doing. Further down had a take on the coachman, it came off at the fifth jump, looked a good fish.

The rain came back and this time for real, made a hasty return to the car and called it a day.  

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