Tuesday 30 April 2013

Rossendale on the Irwell 30 April 13

Still not  much rain, river getting lower. At last the sun came out and the cold north east wind has let up.

Not many flies coming off the river, but one or two fish rising. Started with usual Adams caught two down by the sewage farm.

Went up river, nothing moving until I got near the motorway bridge, two nice fish 10 inches moved again.

Nothing rising on the weir pool, as usual since the weir was holed. Top of the next pool several fish taking olives, but they didn't seem to want my Adams. Thought one last cast then try a coachman, yes of course one took, didn't put up much of a fight until I tried to net it.
 Big fish but look like it had had a hard life, part of his tail missing and what looked like bruising on the back.

Next one that took tried to fly then broke me off, didn't look as big as the one above but was in much better condition.

Moved down river again, changed to a coachman took a 12 incher down river of the bridge, and that was it.

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