Friday 26 April 2013

Eagley and Bradshaw Brooks 26 Apr13

Started with a recce of Eagley Brook in the Valley, not fished it this season, not much water and no sign of fish. Well disappointed, usually do well on the valley stretch. I will have another look when we have had some proper rain.

Went to Bradshaw Brook at 7 Acres Park, Started up stream from the road bridge. Caught a ten incher just above the bridge, Adams strikes again. Not a bad fish for this pool. Carried on up stream had a nine and a six before the hail started. Funny old day hail, rain and sun, sometimes all at once, the cold wind didn't help either.

Didn't go to far before starting back down, fished a nymph from the bridge down, not a touch. Thought with this weather and cold wind, "I will be glad when I have had enough of this". So legged it back to the car and off home.

One bright spot to the day was "Swallows" the first I have seen this year, if it had been nicer I could have just  watched them flying up and down the brook, perhaps summer is really on the way.

Oh forgot to say I used my seven foot split cane brook rod with a Youngs 31/2  Pridex. Worked well even in the blustery wind, makes a change from glass and carbon, I like to swop about just for the fun of it.

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