Saturday 20 April 2013

Ladyshore Little Lever 20 April 2013

Great to have some sun, won't last of course.

   Started above where the weir used to be, looks very fishy , not the first time I have tried it without catching anything. Started with Copper John fishing across and down, nothing doing.
 Flies started to coming off the water, changed to a winged adams dry and cast to a rise three quarters across.
     Thought he would never take but kept trying as there was nothing else rising, gave him a rest, then started again. Bang, he was on and off he went, thought I was into something large, turned out to be a 14 inches.
      I was well pleased with it, being the first one for me since the weir went down in last years flood.

      Walked down river nothing rising until I could see the canal aqueduct, long good looking streamy swim, but not all the length is accessible on right side. Caught one, same fly as before, 12 inches.
      Getting late so walked back and went home.

       I will go to fish above and below the canal aqueduct on the left side some time next week if the weather stays OK, or maybe if it does not.

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