Wednesday 24 April 2013

Close Park Radcliffe and down stream 24 April13

Still no rain , well not enough to effect the river, a little warmer but still the wind blowing up river.

Was surprised to see trout rising with some vigour, the wind was rippling the surface so couldn't see what they were taking, spotted one or two olives on the wing, so started with an Adams.

Casting was a problem wind was all over the place, casting across the flow missed a couple, problems keeping in touch with the fly. Got one at last, or did he hook himself, no it must have been me. Good fish tried flying and then went off down the river, isn't it great to hear the reel screaming. Got him to the net at last. 14 plus inches well pleased.

Caught another in same swim then moved up river caught another four from a couple of other swims, all good fish around the same size as the one above. Funny there don't seem to be any small ones about a the moment. Not that I am complaining. 

The fish continued to rise all afternoon but they stopped taking my Adams, so tried four different flies, to no avail. So packed in went home for my tea.

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