Thursday 6 July 2017

Not much until Thursday 6 July 17

Fished every day this week on Bradshaw Brook caught some, lost more than I landed and missed plenty, all with dry fly. Decided at the start of the week to try a Coachman as they had been ignored in my box for a long time. They worked each day, to a point.
 This 12inch fish was as good as I got, not a good photo.

Today,Thursday, decided to have a change. Different rod for a start, 7 foot cane, which like the Coachman had not been out for a while, and up stream nymphing instead of dry fly.
Bad planning from the start, set the rod up at home without really thinking. Went to the top of the lower beat under the road bridge, always fish there. 
 Couple casts and I new I had a problem the cane rod was a 6 weight and the line on the real was far to light, casting like a mad man.

Back to the car, my 3 weight rod was there ready to go with the same fly I had had on all week.
Back to the river but above the road bridge this time, not my favourite bit of the brook but it was close by.  

Not very deep and runs quite quick, watch out for the trees. nothing rising that I could see.
Lost one second cast and then caught this on from the same ripple.
Fished every bit of water no matter how fast or what depth, did quite well.

 Lost a few on the way up, shallow water jumpers nearly always seem to come off. All caught before the bend.
 This is the bend, deeper water under the trees, should hold good fish,but not for me.
 Round the bend, wall all the way up on the right hand side to the weir, I am a left handed so waded up the wall side.
Water a bit deeper and not all as quick as before, same fly getting scruffy but still catching.

These two in the first bit lost two others.
 Moved up and caught this one under the tree.
 Lost a couple more before I got to the weir where I caught the one below.

Wearing a new set of chest waders today "ORVIS" from Glasgow Anglers ordered Tuesday arrived Wednesday by UPS. No postage charge, could have paid £10 for next day delivery GLAD I DIDN'T.

They seem OK, not as sturdy as my old Simms(the cheapest ones), will have to be careful. My Simms are looking very silly with lots of Aquaseal on them and they still leaked a bit, mind they are over 5 years old. They will do for work days on the river.



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