Wednesday 12 July 2017

Checking the Irwell 12 July 17

Decided to visit Ramsbottom, Summerseat and Burrs near Bury to see if there was any recovery of the insect life after the pollution incident and any sign of trout.

Started at Nuttall Park just below Ramsbottom, got in the river and fished up stream dry fly, where I have caught fish over the years. A good shoal of minnows as I waded in but no flies coming of the water. 
The river bed is very different from when I had last fished there. The repairs to the bank and the grading of the river bed by the Environment Agency had changed the places that used to hold fish. As you can guess I caught nothing and found no insects in the river. Not sure what the minnows are eating. Also saw some very small fry, of what I do not know. 

Moved down the river to Summerseat again the river was much changed by the EA flood work and again no signs of life.

On to Burrs which is not to far down river from the other two places where the river had looked clean and clear. Only to find the water murky and looking quite sick. No insects, flies or fish to be seen as before.

Feeling despondent about the state of the Irwell went for a quick pick me up and a hour on Bradshaw Brook where I had six fish. One, that pleased me no end, was  a nice fish that I had hooked before but never landed from a tricky little spot.  

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