Saturday 28 May 2016

River Tonge 28 May 16

Not fished the Tonge this year, today decided to give it a go, well pleased that I did.

Just like all the rivers, the winter floods had changed the Tonge and moved large amounts of stone and gravel.
 This lot has come from above the road bridge down the cobbled river bed
 that supports the road and rail bridges.

 This was the first rise I saw
 Came from the other side of that tree.
 Nothing rising until I caught this one a lot further up river 
 At least three fish rising in this pool, the first one did not stop the others feeding.
 Second one from further up same pool

 Then this much better fish from the top of the pool. Last year I hooked and lost a good fish from the same pool, could have been this one.
 Again I had to go well up river to find this one rising in the pool below.

 and them this one from the head of the pool
Went up to the road bridge but nothing doing so started back down river.

On the way up river I had disturbed what I thought was a good fish in a large pool, went down passed the pool and sneaked back up.  
 This was not the one but who cares, it's a fish.  

 This is the one, just under 15 inches, it ran me around the pool, had me thinking it might not be hooked in the mouth. As you can see it was that's my Adams in it's bottom jaw.
The straight line in the picture is the top of a sewer pipe which runs the length of the river.

Not a great number of fish but two very good ones from what is quite a small river made my day.

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