Thursday 19 May 2016

River Douglas 19 May 16

My first trip to the Douglas this year, It was lower than it expected, but then we haven't had a lot of rain this month, it was forecast to start around three but came nearer to two. Quite warm and overcast with a blustery wind.   

Walked down to the start of the golf course and then started fishing back up with a Blue Winged Olive. Lots of midge and ugly looking black flies (I think they were Hawthorne flies) in the air and a few olives coming of the water. Not a lot of rising fish. 

 First fish was small as you can see and they did not get any bigger as I fished up river.

Maybe just a little bigger.

I did catch one more but it was less than half the size of the others.

The top half of the river produced nothing, could be something to do with workmen putting up a fence along the right hand side by the rail line. 

As I had not expected the rain until three I was in shirt sleeves, so I had to get back to the car to stay dry when it started.


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