Sunday 22 May 2016

Bradshaw Brook 22 May 16

Intended fishing the Flyfisher's Beat others there before me, moved on to fish 7 Acres. Horse day, car park full, ended up parking and fishing up above the bridge. First time I have fished here this year, the floods had changed some bits for the worse and some for the better. Plenty fish rising, mostly very small ones which is a good sign.

Seven foot 3 weight with a new line from Barrio fly lines, well pleased with it, Adams to start and finish with. Missed a couple and then this one caught it's self in fast water half way up the pool.

 This pool is longer and in places deeper than last year.
 This one from the fast water again but at the top of the pool.
I should have moved the metal in the water but I didn't, will do next time.
 Moved up to the stretch below, lots of very small fish rising and jumping missed a couple before I got this one. 
This bit is pretty much the same as last year.
One of the very small ones.
 This one came a little further the same stretch.
 As did this one.

 Orange tip butterfly, I had thought the wings were white on top and underneath. 

 Further up stream came this one, which was the last one as the rain came on.

Like earlier in the week I was not prepared for wet, in shirt sleeves again, silly really as it was looking like rain when I stared. Made a smart move back to the car. 

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