Friday 27 May 2016

Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers Beat 26 May 16

Supposed to be a warm day but it wasn't to begin with, still, plenty fish rising. Started just above the weir by the tennis club with 7 foot rod and Adam's dry. A few fish came to the fly before a managed to hook one, not sure if I was to quick or to slow.
As usual not very big but good healthy fish.
Not easy fishing down here, lots of tree cover and it helps if you get in the water, which can be quite deep and muddy. Not a place to be slipping or falling, which I nearly did, more than once. 
I thought that this one was a lot bigger until I netted it and found that it was hooked just behind the gills.
Hooked one here but not for long two jumps and it was away. 

I moved up to behind the score board, nothing doing for me and the same under the foot bridge, so on and up stream.

This one  came from by the tree below.
That gravel wasn't there last year, just one of many changes that the floods caused. Some changes are good some not.
This one from above the sewer pipe weir in the picture above. 
The top end of the pool has changed somewhat, not sure if it's for the good as yet.

Always fish rising here, I have trouble catching normally but got the one above.
Then this one at the top end of the pool.

Lots of changes further up mostly for the bad in my opinion, did not spend much time up there.

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