Tuesday 11 August 2015

Irwell Ramsbottom 11 Aug 15

More Photos for Plant Tracker and some fishing of course.

Last time I was here I had a good day, today started poor. I fished down stream nymph to begin, as the only easy access to the beat is up river. Eight foot rod floating line and a Goldhead Copper John
usually gets me some fish, changed to a Hares Ear then a Pheasant Tail. Not a thing from any of them, but at least I was now at the bottom of the beat. Sat and had my lunch, just an apple as usual. 

I had seen fish rising on the way down so I was very hopeful of catching on a dry fly on the way back up. Changed the tippet and put on an Adams, cast to a couple of rises with no result.
 Moved up to faster moving water and tried casting to likely spots with a good result.
 I was very happy to net this lovely fish, quick photo and back into the river.
 If you have a water proof camera might as well give it a go.
 To say that we have had very little rain I was surprised to see how much colour was in the river.

I was soon into what I am sure was a very good fish, but not for long. I took line going up river then turned and came back passed me. It then went deep and the tippet parted, no head shake just off. I thought that it must be one of the the knots, until I checked the tippet. I still had half the tippet, must have snagged on something sharp is all I can think.

New tippet, I have been using 4lb line, and another Adams got me the one below.    

I had a couple of other takes the first one was another good fish that took my fly and tippet, snapped at the knot, perhaps I was to heavy handed. 

I do not understand quite what happened with the second one. The fish was in shallow water and I saw it take my fly. When I lifted I felt nothing and thought I had been to quick, until I saw that I did not have a fly. The new tippet was complete and I had only just tied on the new fly. Yes I always do check the knot, very strange, but that's fishing.

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