Thursday 27 August 2015

Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers Beat 27 Aug 15

No fishing for the last couple of weeks but I am still finding time to take photos of non native invasive weeds for the plant tracker web site . If you are not able to photograph and add records to the site do go and look at the results up to now, it is not a pretty picture. The amount of Balsam, Knot Weed and Giant Hog Weed spread over the country needs to be seen to be believed. They are just three of many many more plants that are spreading across our country. If you can spare some time to add some records please do.

After and whilst taking the photos today I managed to catch a few fish. The brook is still running very dirty, why we are getting this dirty water from Jumbles Reservoir I do not know, it has been happening all summer long. Fortunately it does not seem to be bothering the trout.

I started with a 7 foot rod and an Adams dry fly, plenty fish coming for a look at it and one pricked but nothing in the net. Changed fly to a Olive and caught a fish first cast.
 Only a little one but it's a start.
Came from under the bridge.

Couple of pools up stream before I had another fish, it was going to be my last cast with the olive when this one took. 
 Much better fish.

and then another from the same bit of water, things looking up.

Couple of small ones and then another fair one.
Ferom the pool below.
 Yes it his looking dirty. 
 Caught this one and a couple of very little ones from a stretch that I do not usually bother to fish, I will not miss it out in future.

 This one looks lick it could do with a good meal, quite long but very slim.

One or two more small ones but nothing worth a photo. The very top of the beat which is quite dark with lots of tree cover usually has one or two good fish, produced not a thing today. That's fishing sometimes the fish are where you expect them to be and sometimes not. Some days they will take anything you you put on the water other times nothing is good enough for them.

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