Saturday 8 August 2015

Bradshaw Brook Jumbles 7 Aug 15

I have been out photographing invasive weeds again over the last few days I have taken more than 1000 photos, not all plants some fish as well. Again thank goodness for digital cameras. The Plant Tracker site must be wondering what is going on, when I start on something I really go overboard for awhile, I think the ones from yesterday will be my last, in any great number, for now.

As well as photos up to Jumbles I also did some fishing and caught a few.  

  I tried to start with an Adams dry fly, but even on a very sunny day, as it was. The tree cover is so thick I was having trouble seeing my fly, it is alright lifting every time you see a rise near where you think your fly is but I soon tired of it and changed to something that I could see with good results.

Nothing very big but they came thick and fast for a while.

The banks up here are so overgrown most of the time there is no option but to wade to move up stream. There are odd places that you can fish from the bank but not many and they are mostly the places where the dogs go for a swim, not recommended for catching fish. Moved up to another likely pool and was soon into a few more,

   Not always that easy to get your fly to the fish as it is very rocky and the pools tend to be quite small, the fast water at the top of the pools is usually good for the best fish.

Up a bit further and of we go again.

I never cease to be surprised how hard trout fight to keep out of my net.

Back to an Adams as there was a a bit more light up here.

Decided to call it a day I had been out for over 5 hours and still had a good walk back to the car. Could not stop taking more pictures of weeds on the way back.
Himalayan  Balsam lines the path all the way back to the car.

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