Tuesday 24 June 2014

Long Weekend not much fishing 20 to 23 Jun 14

Not able to fish as much as normal as my better half had an operation to her shoulder the week before last and is unable to drive so I have to be available to ferry her about.

Friday I managed to to get out for a few hours and went to the Irwell at Bury Ground. Although we have not had any rain to speak of for awhile the river look quite good, but low. Got in the river and started up with dry fly. Occasional fish rising and manage to get a couple of fish to take a look at my fly without hooking one, until I got to the faster water. Even then I only hooked two small browns.

Decided to make a move to further down river to Wellington Street and fish down towards Warth. Nothing showing down there so did not stay very long.

Did not get out at all on Saturday so up early on Sunday and went to Summerseat for the morning, had a complete blank.

Monday decide I had to catch fish and went to Bradshaw Brook at 7 Acres Park. Geared up for dry fly and walked all the way down to Bury Road without wetting a line, got in the brook and started back up.
 This is where I started, you have to be in the brook to fish and the trees can make it hard work.
 The first photo was looking down stream, this one is from the same place looking up stream, most of the time casts have to be horizontal unless you want to loose a fly nearly every cast. 
The flowers are brambles you don't get much back if you let your cast go in them, the pool by them is always good for a fish and I did catch one there.
A better view of the pool.
A bit further up I caught this one, not big but probably the best that I got.
It came from this stretch which is mostly less than a foot deep.
The Water-crowsfoot is in full flower, Bradshaw Brook down her is full of it. .

I ended up with seven fish not a great day but at least I caught some. I had intended to walk up the middle part of the brook and finish off fishing above the road bridge, but I found Stan, who I had talked to before, fishing and catching. Of course I had to stop for a chat good to meet you again Stan.  

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