Tuesday 8 October 2013

Wayoh & Entwistle Reservoirs 8 Oct 13

Following on from my last blog about Jumbles Reservoir and the sources of Bradshaw Brook today I went to take photos of Wayoh and Entwistle..

Wayoh Dam Wall & United Utilites processing plant.
The original dam was built finished in 1876,  the height of this wall was increased in 1962 to provide more water for Bolton.
The water is pretty low at the moment but it will fill up over the winter if we get our normal rain fall.
The bridge was built in 1847/8 before the reservoir was constructed. It carries the Bolton to Blackburn railway over Bradshaw Brook, at the top end of the Wayoh, and is still in daily use.
A view of Wayoh looking back to the dam wall. Wayoh is a course fishery day tickets can be bought at the Black Bull which is quite close to the dam.

 The Entwistle is another large reservoir much the same as the Wayoh, though one major difference is that it has trout, both brown and stocked rainbows, the fishing is controlled by the "Entwistle Fly Fishers"
View from the dam wall.
Again the level is quite low after the dry summer.
No expense spared in the old days, everything had to be pretty. As far as I know this controls the flow or did when it was built in 1832.

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