Sunday 20 October 2013

Bradshaw Brook Sewer Works 20 Oct 13

This is an up date on my blog "Bradshaw Brook Sewer Pipes of 3 Oct 13".

Work on the two other sewer problems on the brook pictured in the above blog has commenced, one problem and has been completed the other, pictured below, has been started.
The area were the brook had cut a channel round the sewer in inspection grid has been closed off. 
The resealing of the biscuit (the concrete slab under the house bricks) and the grid is still to be done and, of course, the sorting the pile of stones, not sure what they will do with them,.

The fix on the other leaky sewer can be seen below.
Although the grid sides and the biscuit have been completely covered, when a I asked the workmen what was under the gravel and rocks I was disappointed to be told that it had not been sealed with concrete prior to the gravel and rocks being put on. As this inspection grid has regularly leaked sewage into the brook I had hoped that it would be sealed properly. Only time will tell if this fix will work, I am not very hopeful.


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