Saturday 5 October 2013

Bradshaw Brook Sewer Pipe, and Jumbles Reservoir 5 Oct 13

At last we can see the completed concrete cover over the pipe.
The lower middle section, which I am told is to allow trout move up stream to spawn, can now be clearly seen. Whether this will work only time will tell, as I have previously said I do not think it is low enough for this to happen.
 There is still some fencing to be erected at each end of the weir and lots of tidying up to be done.

Up stream the brook is dammed by three reservoirs, the one immediately above the stretch that we fish is  Jumbles Reservoir. United Utilities are required to release a minimum amount of water into the brook, so the rise and fall of the level is not as great as it would be on a normal brook.
So this is were nearly all the water in the brook comes from.

  Jumbles, as you can see, is quite low at the moment due to a dry summer. When or if it fills up this winter we could get an increased flow into the brook. Jumbles was built in 1971 to guarantee the supply of water to  Bolton.  
The other two, Wayoh, built in 1876, and Entwistle, 1832, were compensation reservoirs. They were built to ensure a continuous flow of water to the brook throughout the year. Not for drinking water but to ensure that the mills and factories down stream would have a supply of water during the summer. They now supply 50% of  Bolton's drinking water.

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