Saturday 9 August 2014

River Douglas 9 Aug 14 One

I got around to fishing the Douglas at Adlington  today, it's a stretch that I have walked a few times but never fished. I did not expect any large fish but plenty of smaller ones as there are plenty of likely pools and glides. Unfortunately there are lots of trees and bank side growth to make the fishing difficult.
 Of course as with all our rivers and streams we have these.
Not a pretty site. 

  This deep pool should have produced fish , but it did not.

Starts to open up from here.

But still no fish.

And then another sewer overflow.
 This one much worse than the other two and very smelly.

Not a pleasant site and not good for the river.
Looking a lot better, but still no fish.

I had not had a touch and there was no sign of fish so I decided to drive to a stretch that I had caught fish before. 

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