Friday 22 August 2014

Bradshaw Brook 22 Aug 14

The weather and family have kept me away from the rivers for over a week and but for Bradshaw I would not  have been fishing today.

Checked the EA website for river levels and was surprised to see how high they were over night. Still went to check the Irwell at Summerseat, should not have bothered, high and chocolate.

Bradshaw was up a little and had some colour, but not to much. Decided to fish from Printers Lane up to the Jumbles dam. Usual 7 foot rod and dry fly, Greenwell's to start and finish.
 Plenty of sun not that much of it gets through the trees to the river.
  Fish on the rise but as usual I could not see any flies on the water. Caught 2 small ones in this pool.
 The water is not very deep which usually means if you catch one you scare the other fish in the pool.
Lots of Balsam but no Knot weed or Giant Hogweed thank goodness.
One of the small ones.
 Deeper here but not easy casting.
Caught a couple more here.

Not the prettiest part of the brook.
Couple more from this bit.
No great size.

Not easy fishing in most bits and not a lot of decent sized fish, ended up with 10 fish the best did not make 10 inches.

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