Tuesday 23 July 2013

Week Ending 28 July 13

Monday:   Evening fished the Douglas, got there at half past six, expected there to be lots of fish rising. I wanted to fish dry fly so I walked down as far as the golf course, intending to spot fish rising for my wade back, didn't spot one rise.
 I was nearly back up to the path when I got a rise, pricked and lost a small one, before I caught a 10" brown with a crafty cast over some bank side plants. It's a good job a fish took or I would have been snagged up pretty bad.
I was very hot and sweaty so had a rest and cleared the rubbish out of my waders, before trying above the path. Still not many rising, caught two small browns and missed a few others.

Tuesday:   Rain and thunder storms over night and this morning. Lots of noise but not much rain here.
Went to check out the Irwell at Summerseat, surprised to find it up and dirty, must have rained more up in Ramsbottom and Rossendale.

Came back to Bolton and went to fish Bradshaw Brook at Seven Acres, it was up a little bit with just a hint of colour. Fish rising so dry fly, caught a few, not many small ones mostly eight and nine inch, yes  I know that is not big but it's OK for Seven Acres.

Wednesday:   Irwell still up and dirty so went to the Roch at Gigg. It didn't look to good but I gave it a try, nothing rising at first and nothing taking my nymph. Late afternoon before I landed good trout on a Iron Blue and that was it.

Friday:   Fished the Bradshaw Fly Fishers beat, well mostly the the brook up towards Jumbles. Had a thirteen inch brown at the top of the beat before moving on to the Jumbles stretch. plenty of fish though most were very small. Must have missed twice as many as I hooked and I didn't land all of those that I did hook. Used my 6' 6" carbon with a Young's 3" Beaudex floating line with a Iron Blue Dun

Saturday:   River Irwell around Nuttall Park Ramsbottom. Caught just two browns on dry fly, very few rising and not much sign of flies. River still needs some proper rain and a good flush through, rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow lets hope it is enough.  

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