Thursday 9 June 2016

River Tonge 9 June 16

Intended to fish the Irwell at Radcliffe, river was up a bit and very coloured, then went to check the Roach. Pretty much the same. Back to Bolton and the Tonge, some colour but not enough to be a bother and fish were rising.

Whilst I was getting my kit on a council worker came down the path spraying the non native invasive weeds(Himalayan Balsam). As I do, ended up having a long chat about everything and nothing.

Eventually I got in the river and was having no luck, one or two had a look at my fly but nothing took. A chap asked if it would be OK if he took some pictures of me fishing, said why not, didn't manage to catch for him.

Another chat ensued, as he had a fancy camera I asked what he did the the pictures. Well Simon I am afraid I can not get your pictures to come up on facebook using the details you gave me. never mind I did enjoy our chat. (sorted it out I think)

Back in the river and my first fish soon in the net.
Three fish rising in the pool got this one out without to much disturbance. the other two were soon rising again.
A few more casts to where they had been resulted in nothing, stood and watched for bit. A little disturbance short of the tree on the left, so put the fly there. Ten minutes later with my heart in my mouth I netted the one below

Can not remember having caught a better fish in the Tonge.

Moved up to the pool were I had three good fish from last time, only managed this one this time.

Manged to get two from here the one above and the one below,

Hopefully the Irwell will have settled down by tomorrow and I will see what I can catch there.

Not so, lots more rain that night and the Irwell was even higher.