Tuesday 7 June 2016

Eagely Brook 7 June 16

Started where I finished on Sunday, it's a part of the brook that I have not fished before. The idea was not only to fish but to photograph the invasive weeds for the Plant Tracker web site. I did catch a few fish but spent more time taking pictures of Giant Hogweed,
Not fully grown as yet, keep well away from this weed, google it and you will find out why.
 Japanese Knotweed.
and Himalayan Balsam.

They are none native invasive weeds that are taking over large parts of our country side, in particular on the sides of our waterways. On the http://www.planttracker.org.uk web site you can see how bad it is in my area.

I had some success, fishing olives of various shapes.  
One more winter and I expect this to break completely, though I have been saying the same for a couple of years.
Although it looked quite promising all I seem to get was small ones.

This one was the best of the day.

Some rain promised  for tomorrow, we could do with some. What's that I just heard a rumble of thunder, it is raining now. Saves watering the garden if it keeps going.  

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