Friday 18 September 2015

Bradshaw Brook 18 Sept 15

Before going to fish the brook I went to check the sewage going into the River Tonge that I reported to the Environment Agency in an earlier blog. Glad to say the flow had stopped but the river bed will need a good flush through to clear it. Of course when that happens the pipe will send more sewage into the river. It's a no win situation and we are stuck with it.

Anyway Bradshaw Brook caught a few mostly small ones. What got me going was that unlike yesterday most of the fish I hooked came off seconds after I hooked them. I also had loads of rises to the fly,Adam's dry  as usual, with out being able to set a hook.
 Sewer Pipes everywhere, I started fishing a few yards above this one. 

 This pool always let me down, it's deep and quite fast moving, must hold some good fish.
 Only caught this one, missed and lost two others
 Three fish rising here caught none of them.
 This is just around the corner from the previous picture usually  good for a few
 This is all I got.
 Same here hooked and lost two 
 then caught this one.
 Same again here just the one below

 Hard work casting here

 This was the only one of four that I hooked that got to the net from the run below and I got stuck in the trees Twice. Didn't loose a fly though.

Just above the foot bridge same story rises and some hooked nothing to the net, was ready to go.

Top of the picture where the trees start on the left was the last place I tried. All casting up there is flat under the trees, not much more than three feet of head room. On a good day I usually manage not to get into the trees to often, casting with great care. Today after missing so many fish my casting was not very good,  third time I got stuck in the trees I decide it was time to go and cut my privet hedge and mow the lawns.  

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