Tuesday 3 December 2013

Irwell Ladyshore Pike Fishing 3 Dec 13

Got the urge to go fishing today, it's the close season for trout, so I went to Ladyshore in the hope of catching some small pike. The river was low and clear, the weather was overcast and cold with no wind to speak of.
I fished a small green plastic lure on a nine foot spinning rod with an old Shakespeare spinning reel. I started above the old weir casting across and down the faster water, moving down stream until I got to the weir nothing.
Then I fished the weir pool, where I thought my best chance of fish would be, nothing again. So I moved down to the start of the slack water further down stream and had a fish after a couple of casts. Not a pike though a out of season trout.
 Nice clean fish , got it back into the water as quick as I could, and moved further down stream. 
  Where I caught another trout, a bigger one this time, I think it was full of roe as it had a soft swollen belly. Got it back in pronto and decided that was enough for the day.  

I didn't want to keep catching trout and disturbing their spawning, I will go back to my walking and leave the river fishing until March when the trout season starts again.

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