Wednesday 21 August 2013

Week Ending 25 August 13

Wednesday:   2 blanks.
Yesterday I went to the Irwell at Ladyshore, nothing not even a knock, I will have to give it a miss from now on . Not the first time I have thought or said that, problem is it looks so good but I just don't catch fish.

Today I went to see if the weir at Stoneclough had been taken out, couldn't get close enough to see if it had. Took photos from where the Croal joins the Irwell to compare with the ones I some took weeks ago. It looks the same so the weir must still be intact. Well disappointed.

Went to Summerseat fished dry fly and nymph nothing again. Went to Bury Ground to see if there was anything doing, there wasn't.

Thursday:   Better today, fished the top end of Eagley Brook and caught fish. Not many of any size but then it is only a very small brook. I just needed to catch something after the last couple of blank days so I am ready to go for tomorrow, just have to decide where to go.

Friday:   Fished the Irwell at Stubbins, some fish rising but not for anything I put in front of them. So changed to Nymph, went down stream, caught 2 fish on Goldhead Copper John.
Started back up river, more fish rising, changed to dry fly, same as before, no takes. Started to rain so packed in and went home.

Football tomorrow and the Grand Prix Sunday so no fishing until Monday or Tuesday.

Sunday:   Went to Bury Ground after the Grand Prix, Irwell looking very good plenty of water and just a little colour. Fished nymph down from the middle weir 3 nice trout, one or two fish rising lower down. Change to dry had 1 on the way back up.Took a photo of the last one and then dipped the camera in the river putting the fish back in, no more camera.
Are well I was due a new and better one, must make it water proof this time.

Tuesday 27th.  Got my new camera, the chip in the old one was OK, so the fish below cost £129.99.
 Was it worth it?

I din't think so. Mind you the new one is a great water proof camera.

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